The last time I ordered a bento box delivery from the local Japanese/Chinese “Asian” restaurant in my town, I ordered pork short ribs as my entree, and ended up too full to eat them at the time. Tonight, I decided to see if I could make anything with them, and since I also had some deli ham and real bacon in the house, I decided to try to make a “fridge leftover” attempt at a cubano sandwich.

I toasted both slices of bread (low-calorie oatmeal; it’s what we had) and spread both with mayonnaise. To the top slice I added grey poupon and French’s yellow mustard (I’m not a spicy mustard fan), plus some bread and butter pickle chips, along with a slice of Swiss cheese. On top of the cheese and pickles I added bacon, ham, and the shreds of  leftover short rib I had managed to messily cut off the bones.


How did this taste? Eh… it wasn’t a bland sandwich, and didn’t need any of my usual dipping sauces like ketchup or Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. The sauce on the short ribs gave it almost a kind of nutty flavor. It was very sweet.

Honestly, it’s not something I would eat again, partly because they weren’t very good short ribs to begin with, and partly because the sauce was way too sweet. Still, it was nice to do something with leftovers.

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