This mini pizza on a rice cake is the first thing I’ve cooked on here in awhile, especially since my GI crap started up in earnest. It’s really an example of the kind of cooking I like to do – a simple recipe that still allows me to take some time and care, and use actual ingredients like seasoning. It felt good to make something with actual care and enjoyment again.

rice cake mini pizza

From trying to make a semi-pizza with rice cakes, pesto sauce, mozzarella, and tomato slices before, I’ve learned it’s important to put butter, olive oil, or margarine on the cake, toast or fry it a little on its own, and season it on its own first to give it flavor, before adding sauce or any toppings. It’s still hard to get flavor into it even so. I used oregano, basil, salt and pepper, and lots of garlic. I’m still trying to work out what I can do to give it the buttery, sweet flavor that pizza dough and other bread has.

The sauce is just some tomato pasta sauce I found in the fridge, a little chunky, but good enough. The cheeses are mozzarella and parmesan. After adding the sauce and cheese, I seasoned with extra garlic before adding the olives. It’s important to slice the olives as small as you can, since it releases more of their olive-y flavor into the cheese and pizza as it bakes.

I put it in the oven for 10-11 minutes on 350 degrees Fahrenheit. At first I wasn’t sure the cheese was melted well enough, but it turned out to be a good amount. This did make the rice cake a little soggy with the moisture and grease from the cheese, sauce, and olives, but I liked how much flavor soaked into it, even though it didn’t quite penetrate all the way through the cake.

It tasted pretty good. And even if I don’t have celiac after all, rice makes everyone’s stomach happy.

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