I made Chipotle seasoning mix from this recipe, with some substitutions. This one was much trickier because it required (of course) chipotle peppers, and cilantro, neither of which I had.

I couldn’t buy chipotle pepper or cilantro, or put them on our grocery list, because I decided to make both this and the cajun seasoning mix at around midnight or one in the morning, because I needed to make something and had been wanting to try these spice mixes, so that I could mix them with mayonnaise and make new condiments for myself later.

I was trying to replicate this chipotle aioli that you can get on a burger at New World Bistro in Albany, because I’d been craving that. I have a secret, embarrassing love of flavored mayonnaise – back at college I loved basil mayo with fresh basil leaves, and ranch mayonnaise, on my burgers whenever they were on the dining hall menu. And as I’ve mentioned before, I love hipster burger joints’ condiment bars for this reason.

Anyway, I ended up substituting cayenne pepper for chipotle, mostly since I had it out and it was easier to pour than black pepper. I had read somewhere, I guess, that coriander and cilantro could substitute for each other, so I also used that.

To me, the chipotle mix tasted good in mayonnaise, which I then spread on a grilled roast beef sandwich with Swiss cheese. However, my palate can just about recognize “sweet,” “spicy,” “fat,” and “creamy mayo,” so I’m not (yet) the best judge, and probably someone more used to cooking with chipotle peppers would be repulsed.

(Images can be found here, at the original post)


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